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Jacqueline Sage 1851 - St. Charles and Western Plank Road Company established. Its purpose was to build a toll road of wooden planks along Boone's Lick Road to the western part of the county.


St. Charles Historic Districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places contain over 300 buildings. The first Historic District designation was in 1970.

See Preservation Journal for the
restoration history of Main Street >>



Preservation Journal

St. Charles has 10 buildings individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

Missouri First State Capitol - placed 1969
Stone Row, 314-330 South Main - placed 1969
Newbill-McElhiney, 625 South Main - placed 1972
Stumberg House, 3rd & Jefferson - placed 1978
Sibley Hall, Lindenwood - placed 1978
Marten Becker House, 837 First Capital Drive - placed 1979
Old City Hall - Market House - placed 1980
African Church, 554 Madison - placed 1980
Samuel Watson House, 205 Duchesne - placed 1982
Odd Fellows Hall, 117 S Main - placed 1987